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07 Jan 2020

What to Think About Machines That Think

Computers only compute. They have no aspirations, and they won’t consider eternal questions or their own self-interests unless programmers design them to do so. Most believe that as computers grow smarter, so will humans.
04 Jan 2020

20 Character Defining Quotes from Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super delivers the same over-the-top action coupled with the characters we've come to know and love.
28 Dec 2019

Strip whitespace

There are various ways to remove spaces from a string in Python. This tutorial is aimed to provide a short example of v...
14 Dec 2019

30 Learning Quotes That Will Motivate You To Never Stop Learning

Lifelong learning is one of the keys to success people rarely talk about. They talk about mindset, perseverance, passio...
14 Dec 2019

5 Books Recommendation That Will Make Your Life Better

I write because I read. This is a list of book that covers a broad range of insight and ideas. some of these have a big impact on how I think, but there are some other valuable reads that I have left out.
17 Jun 2019

Discovering the Power of Positive Transformation

As human beings, we’re all capable of embracing change.